Mistborn (Creature of the Night)

by maytwentyfourth productions

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Lyrics based of the Mistborn fantasy series by Brandon Sanderson. Cover art by Polingly (polingly.deviantart.com).


What you are
He’ll never understand
I’m of your world
Come take my hand
Why play the tool
When you could be free
Why be their fool
When you could save me

What am I?
A lady bright?
But I am Mistborn
Creature of the night
Could it be
That Zane is right
These mists are me
I was born to fight

I saw that look
In Elend’s eyes
Innocence I took
But I saved his life
Our love was shook
When I made them die
He is of books
And made me his knife

I cannot succeed
At this one simple task
I can’t keep him safe
This luck will not last
It’s time to do
Things a different way
A knife I’ll be
And see what they say

What am I?
A thief slight?
I am Mistborn
Creature of the night
Cett is a threat
To all that I love
It’s time to see
What you’re capable of

Show them once
And for all
What you can do
Kill them all
What am I? // Set yourself free
An Heir of might?
I am Mistborn // Come save me
Creature of the night

Instrumental – Attack on Cett

What am I?
Is this right?
I am Mistborn
Creature of the night
What have I done?
Is this really me? // Fight! Be free!
This destruction and
Brutality? // You must save me


released October 14, 2011
Drums, bass, and guitars by Metaltyme. A maytwentyfourth production.



all rights reserved


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